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Washington Examiner

Robot dogs, waterproof paper, and stun gun armbands tempt border officials

The Armstar is a self-defense system that is worn on the forearm and allows the person wearing it to deliver a 750k volt shock to an attacker. Chief Innovation Officer Tylor Garland described it as a wearable tactical response system and demonstrated how the arm band's stun capacity, LED flashlight, green laser pointer, and HD camera function. By consolidating the tools into an armband, it cuts down the weight on a belt by 50%, freeing up the user.

"What we're trying to do is take a lot of the weight that's on [law enforcement officers' belts] and make it wearable, lighter, and more integrated," Garland said.

The California company is in talks with federal agencies about creating versions of the Armstar that are tailored to law enforcement needs.

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PopSci - Invention Awards

ARMSTAR is selected for Popular Science Invention of the Year

Digital Journal

ARMSTAR demos their futuristic wearable tech in Pasadena. View the full article here.

Discovery - Daily Planet

David Brown works with a local police officer to learn how the BodyGuard can support Law Enforcement

KTLA Channel 5 News - Product Highlight

Los Angeles television does a look at a great new product for police, military, and private security firms that they describe as the future for Cyborg Cops

Game Changers

ARMSTAR on "Game Changers" TV program.

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